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City of Kent Press Releases - Updated 4/19/18

This page will be updated whenever the city sends us press releases.  Info could range from activities, to police information, to anything traffic related.  Scroll to see what there is...




A Letter From Mayor Dana Ralph

Dear members of the Kent community,

I have received a lot of questions in recent weeks from Kent residents who are unclear about the relationship between the City of Kent and the Kent School District. They are concerned about the school district’s direction. They are asking why the district is laying off employees after both of their levies passed, and they’re concerned the City will do the same thing if Proposition A passes.

First, I’d like to clarify that the City of Kent has no direct relationship to the Kent School District. While we appreciate their financial struggles, the Kent School District has its own elected Board of Directors, and the City has no control over their budget or the decisions they make in how to manage it. This includes the elimination of 45 positions announced in February or the 127 job cuts announced in March.

Second, I want to clarify questions I’ve received about Proposition A (, the police and criminal justice ballot measure that will be on the ballot April 24, 2018. If Prop A passes, the City will increase utility taxes by 2 percent on electricity, manufactured and natural gas, telephone and cell phones, and cable TV  services. It is not a property tax, and it will impact those in Kent who use the utilities mentioned, including businesses. 

The utility tax will raise approximately $4.8 million annually, and cost the average Kent household about $11 a month. This revenue will be used exclusively to pay for 23 commissioned police officers (21 patrol officers and two sergeants), two police corrections officers, two police records specialists, one prosecution attorney, one prosecution paralegal, one public defender, one judicial specialist and one probation officer. All funds received from the 2 percent increase in utility tax revenues will be segregated from other funds of the City and accounted for separately.

Public safety is the #1 priority for the City of Kent. If Prop A passes, we will not be laying off police officers. If Prop A doesn’t pass, we will not be laying off police officers. That is a promise.

Thanks for listening,

Mayor Dana Ralph

City of Kent



RASKC Brings Pet Licensing to Homes
Weekends, April 1 to October 28

In the City of Kent, pet licenses are required for indoor and outdoor cats and dogs eight weeks and older. Ensure that Fluffy and Fido are licensed, so you can be reunited with your Kent cat or dog if it is lost. 

To make it easier to license your pets, in collaboration with the city, Regional Animal Services of King County will go door-to-door in Kent, on weekends only, starting April 1 through October 28. Canvassers will issue temporary licenses for unlicensed pets, and the owners will have 30 days to purchase an annual license. Learn more at

The license for spayed and neutered pets is $30 per pet and $60 per pet for unspayed or unneutered pets. The fine for an unlicensed pet is $125 for spayed and neutered pets and $250 for unspayed and unneutered pets. There are discounts for disabled and senior residents and for those with juvenile pets.

King County pet license canvassers are easily recognized by county ID badges, logo shirts, business cards and pet licensing documents. As King County employees, they follow strict guidelines regarding professional conduct and will not peer in windows or over fences looking for pets.

The benefits of pet licensing are numerous and include:

  • Reuniting owners and lost pets, including a free ride home for licensed pets that get lost;
  • Saving animals’ lives by funding shelter care for injured and lost animals and pet adoptions;
  • Investigating and prosecuting cases of animal cruelty and neglect; and
  • Providing resources to address complaints about vicious or nuisance animals 

Pet licenses are available at Kent City Hall or online at  Any concerns or questions should be directed to petlicense@KingCounty.govor 206-296-2712.



Garbage Rate Increase Coming in April

Residents and businesses will see a small rate increase on their garbage bills starting on April 1. In accordance with the City’s solid waste contract authorized in 2015, the rates are allowed to adjust annually for inflation, based on three standardized Department of Labor Puget Sound price guides.

Residential customers currently paying $18.10 for a 32 gallon garbage cart, which includes 96-gallon recycling and yard waste bins, will pay $18.56 before taxes.  The new rates will be available online at

As always, customers are encouraged to reduce their garbage bills by placing all recyclables into the blue cart and compostables into the green cart, which are provided at no additional cost.  For guidelines on what goes into which cart, visit


Kent Police Participate in DEA National Prescription Drug Take Back Day 

   Nationwide effort to reduce drug misuse targets unused prescriptions.

On Saturday, April 28th, from 10:00am-2:00 pm, the Kent Police Department will be collecting any expired, unwanted, and unused medication. This is a great opportunity to dispose of the medication safely and easily. All you have to do is go the Kent Police Department, located at 232 4th Ave S., follow signs on 4th Ave and drop off the medication.

We ask that you remove labels or use permanent marker on identifying information. We cannot collect intravenous solutions, injectables, syringes or medical waste, as well as illicit substances such as marijuana or methamphetamines. 

Proper disposal of medications is key to preventing misuse and abuse. Prescription drugs are the second most commonly abused narcotic. The dangers posed by prescription medications have no boundaries. Why safe disposal? Safe disposal reduces drug abuse, reduces accidental poisoning and reduces medication in the environment. 

For more information contact 253.856.5883 or or go to


Kent Mayor Dana Ralph to give 
2018 State of the City Address April 26

Mayor Dana Ralph invites the community to join her for her first State of the City Address, to be held next Thursday, April 26 in Council Chambers at City Hall (220 Fourth Avenue South). Mayor Ralph’s presentation will be preceded by a brief reception in the City Hall lobby at 6:30 p.m., followed by the State of the City presentation in Chambers at 7 p.m. The mayor will share what’s happening at the city right now, what projects are in the works, and what challenges we are facing as a community. 

Those not able to attend in person can watch the State of the City on Comcast Channel 21 and streamed live at (windows-only compatible) and


 Beyond the Studio - Kent

KING5 video and article that features many of the greath things about Kent.


City bans smoking on all park properties and park facilities

New signs installed, receptacles removed

KENT, Wash. – December 7, 2017 – The Kent City Council passed a resolution that makes smoking, vaping or any use of tobacco products on park property unlawful. The smoking ban excludes the Riverbend Golf Course facility.

This prohibition includes both noncombustible products, like e-cigarettes or other vaping devices that produce smoke or vapor, and dipping tobacco, chewing tobacco, snuff or snus; and combustible products, like paper cigarettes, cigarillos or cigars, pipes and hookahs.

If the product emits smoke, or vapor, or contains tobacco, it is prohibited under the new ordinance. 

“The city of Kent is a little behind this trend,” said Parks director, Julie Parascondola. “We want our parks to be tangible reflections of the high quality of life in our community.”

The ban went into effect on August 15. Signs will be placed in all city parks and park facilities to alert the public of the change.

“We understand that we can’t prevent people from smoking, but promoting healthier lifestyle choices aligns directly with our mission of fostering overall wellness for Kent residents and parks’ visitors,” Parascondola said. 

More than 1,200 park systems across the country are smoke-free. Kent becomes the fifth city in King County to enact a smoking ban on all parks. The five cities   include Bothell, Burien, Shoreline and Woodinville, making up 16 percent of King county residents, or 290,400 people.


A dry place to walk for fitness in Kent

accesso ShoWare Center opens its doors from 9 to 11 a.m. each Monday and Wednesday for indoor fitness walking 

KENT, Wash. – November 6, 2017 – Starting Monday, November 13, outdoor walking enthusiasts can get out of the dark and the rain by participating in ShoWalk.  Presented by Kent4Health and accesso ShoWare, ShoWalk is a free indoor walking opportunity on Mondays and Wednesdays from 9 to 11 a.m. at accesso ShoWare Center, 625 W. James Street.  ShoWalk continues through June 13, 2018.

Kent4Health Program Coordinator Pamela Clark is happy to announce ShoWalk is in its eight year. “It’s such a great place to walk indoors, with two levels for walking and for all modalities.  There’s a full loop on the upper level for walkers that prefer a faster pace and a horseshoe on the lower level for those with strollers or walking aids.  There are also stairs for those interested in getting additional cardio or to change up their workout”. 

Other features include wellness days on the second Monday and Wednesday of each month offering free blood pressure screenings, a hydration station and other health related services.

There is no charge to participate, however we do ask that you sign in when you arrive.  Our friendly volunteers will be there to greet you and answer any questions.  More information is available at or by calling 253-856-4968.


Kent is the sixth largest city in Washington with a population over 127,000.  A culturally rich destination, Kent features captivating neighborhoods, award-winning parks and exceptional school districts. In recent years, Kent has experienced impressive economic growth, and is nationally known as a prime location for manufacturing. For more information, visit

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